Art Exhibitions & Collaborations



January 2018 - “Espaces Aveugles” part of Princeton University Library.

October 2017 - EAB book Fair “Espaces Aveugles” Public Release.

January 2017 - "Espaces Aveugles" Book at Franklin Furnace Library.

August 2016 - “Espaces Aveugles” Book creation  - Participation in Anamorphosise Book Price - Curated by Anouk Kruithof.

July 2015 - Group show at Hamden Inn - Only 2.5 hours from GWB-Collaboration Photographic Work with Victoria Bartlett -Curated by Pia Dehne.

September 2011 - Group show at The Loom Gallery - still a machine after all these years- Curated by Holly Chang - Long lament - painting series.

December 2010 - Group Show benefits for World AIDS Day Campaign - New York - Drawings series.

Apr 2009 - First Artist French Party in Soho NY - Video exhibition - "Nice Days Series" & "X Rays series".

Mar 2009 - Jack the Pelican Gallery, Brooklyn NY - Group Show - Drawings and Photography work - Old School - Curated by Helene Dumenil.

Mar 2009 - Solo Show at the Pool Art Fair in Chelsea NY - Video Exhibition - "Nice Days Series" & "X Rays series"

Apr 2008 - Private Painting Exhibition, Paris. Show revolving around the idea of transparency and the absence of duration.

Feb 2008 - Musée Jurassien des Arts, Moutier, France - retrospective of Charles-François Duplain's work (includes collaborative work with Charles Billot and Charles-Francois Duplain).